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A few years ago we asked ourselves why nearly all power supplies looked the same? A front loading box that, for those of us using a two-level board, makes for awkward cable routing. So we set off on an adventure, talking to the best German electronics engineers and manufacturers, about the task of creating a super powerful, small footprint, temperature controlled unit that could power both levels of our boards (or yours). Two years of development later, we believe we have achieved our goal.

Handcrafted in Germany our power supply system is very easy to install and connect, and no matter how many devices you plug in, each socket will reliably deliver a minimum of 500mA, even with up to three expansion modules connected. We've also added USB A & C sockets for running lights, tablets, phones and synths. The whole package is air-cooled with a low-noise fan to maintain optimum operating temperatures, has LEDs on each output for easy visual confirmation of each pedal's power status, and as if that weren't enough, the badge on the front lights up to give a nice glow from inside your board to let you know it's on and you are ready to Rock and Roll.  


Let the show commence!

SA675XDM + SA-SPD System-4K_trans_black+red_edit.png

The MAIN UNIT is designed to fit seamlessly into the profiled holes found on the back panels of all our current pedalboards. This ensures that it takes up minimal space. In the unlikely event that it doesn't fit because you have an older pedalboard or one from another manufacturer, don't worry - the rear flange is removable and we provide both screws and Velcro for easy attachment.


There are ten outputs, eight capable of delivering a minimum of 500mA at 9V AT THE SAME TIME, four of which can be switched to 12V or 18V, plus two 24 V outputs for powering our extension modules and adapters. It's air cooled and powered by an external transformer that can be conveniently installed wherever it's needed.

Click on the PDF icon for full technical specifications of the Primary Power Unit.



Baugruppe SA675XDM + PSU-X Rev1.0 Ext_ed
SA-XPD System-4K_trans_Iso_Red.png

If you need more power, expanding your setup is easy. You have the flexibility to add up to three

EXPANDER MODULES. These modules are connected via a single, robust, industrial-grade cable and can be neatly tucked away under the top deck of your setup. This not only saves space, but also allows you to use shorter power cables to connect to your pedals.


TECH TIP: The modules can also be used as stand-alone power supplies when used in conjunction with a transformer (see below). This makes them perfect for use with our smaller boards, the SA250 and SA350, and also the SA450_QC (Quad Cortex, see below) if you only have a few extra pedals.


Click on the PDF icon for full technical specifications of the PSU Extensions.


Now let's look at the challenge of pedals, which require different voltages and specifications. Our initial focus has been on powering the very popular Neural DSP Quad Cortex and Line 6 Helix Stomp, for which we've developed special intermediate boxes. This ingenious solution delivers the right power through a single cable, simplifying the setup process.


These ADAPTER MODULES can also be used for other pedals with similar power requirements.


Click on the PDF icon for full technical specifications of the XPD - A9V3k and A12V3k adapters.


We have three sizes of TRANSFORMER 60 W, 90 W and 120 W to provide exactly the right amount of power for your pedal configuration

For example:

  • Small boards using only a Main Unit (XPD-MU) - 60 watt

  • Main Unit (XPD-MU) with QC adapter (XPD-A12V3k) or one extension (4 or 6 (XPD-E4, XPD-E6) with standard loading - 90 Watt

  • Main Unit (XPD-MU) with QC adapter (XPD-A12V3k) or one extension (4 or 6) (XPD-E4, XPD-E6) with heavy loading - 120 Watt

  • Main Unit (XPD-MU) with two or three extensions (XPD-E4, XPD-E6) - 120 Watt


Finally, you'll need some DC CABLES, each module is supplied with a cable of your choice (length) for each of its outputs, i.e. the main unit which has eight outputs will have eight cables for you to choose from, 150, 250, 400, 600 and 800 mm long. You can of course increase this by adding more cables from the shop.

...and some 24 v DC CABLES. We have two different lengths of locking industrial strength cables to connect your Main unit, Extension modules and Adapters.


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