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RAL Colours

(the European colour matching system)

From subtle to "look at me". Here are some examples but for the full list check the thumbnails on each board description.

It's a time-consuming process, so for any size please add €135.

Black (our stock colour) has no extra charge.


Wood Stain finishes

For that old-school vintage look, classy but cool.

It's a very time-consuming process, so for any size, and any stain please add €135. Natural, no extra charge.

*Please note that variations in the base tone of the wood can affect the final stain shade ie. slightly darker or lighter than the examples shown here. We do our very best to maintain the finishes as closely as possible but some fluctuation is always a possibility.

OMG finishes

Need to stand out, then how about these?

It's a very time-consuming process, so for any size, any snakeskin colour please add €195

*Please note that the Snakeskin paint process is completely random therefore each board is unique.

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