1. How long will it take to build my board?


Depending on our workload this fluctuates between 3-5 weeks, generally, custom colours do not increase this timescale.


2. What do you need to know in order to plan my board?


Please supply us with a detailed list (include dimensions if you have any unusual or rare pedals), a picture of your current set-up and finally some indication of which pedals need to be on top, at the front or inside the board.


3. If I supply my pedals can you make a complete build for me with cables and power etc.?


Yes as long as you are in the EU zone (European Union), non-EU countries require such a mountain of paperwork, insurances and proof of ownership (of pedals) that from experience it’s just not cost-effective for either of us...sorry!


4. I received my shipping info but my board doesn’t seem to be moving?


When this happens your board is almost certainly sitting in the customs queue at the “port of entry” in your country. Shipping information is not updated until the shipment has left the customs office and been handed over to your local logistics service for delivery ie. USPS. Updates can usually then be followed more accurately using the tracking page of this service with the same tracking number that originates from us via DHL.


5. What if I have a Switcher / Looper system?


Tell us which one because we will install an appropriate length bottom deck to allow the Switcher to sit directly onto the base of the board making it more comfortable to use. We also include a special IEC adapter for use with the GigRig Generator.


6. What about Velcro?


As standard, all of our boards are supplied with (high quality) Velcro on the decks (loop) and also enough for your pedals (hook). However, if you want to fit your own brand ie. 3M then just let us know in the NOTES box during purchase and we’ll supply the board “naked”.


7. What about Lights?


Depending on the size of the board you will receive 1 or 2 rechargeable (via USB) LED flexible lamps.


8. Can I have a different length or width of board to those shown on the website?


Sorry, but the answer is no, as the cost for redesigning and procuring components would be prohibitive. We can, however, plan and re-profile the decks to suit your configuration.


9. How do I order a custom paint colour?


Choose a RAL colour from the colour charts in the thumbnails under each board description and add this to the NOTES box during purchase.


10. How do I order a custom aluminium colour?


You can order the anodising colour in the web-shop when purchasing the board.


11. Do I need a Lid?


No you don’t, a GigBag is sufficient to keep your pedals clean and protected during transit, however you can fit a Lid yourself in the future if you decide that you want to take the level of protection higher (they can be used together). If you’re transporting your board in a truck or in the hold of a plane then we recommend that you use a Flight case (available on the website).


12. My country is not listed as a shipping destination in the web-shop?


Don’t worry it’s nothing personal we just haven’t added your country to the web-shop, just let us know via the CONTACT page and we’ll make sure that you are included.


13. What is that strange plug that was connected to the IEC socket in my board?


This a DIY (Do It Yourself) plug that you can use to replace the plug on your existing Power Supply Unit in order for it to be able to connect to the internal IEC socket and get your board powered up as soon as possible


14. How can I use MIDI with my board?


You can run MIDI through the TRS sockets in the Connector Box using a MIDI>TRS cable. Alternatively, we can install a Socket Plate into your board (as well as a Con Box) that can contain dedicated MIDI sockets and / or USB, XLR and external power sockets (up to three in one Socket Plate). For much more information about connections please take a look at our IN/OUT page where you will find many examples of multiple amps, wet/dry setups etc.