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Stomptrap - mini

Stomptrap - mini

Attaching small pedals to a pedalboard can be a problem. stomptrap enlarges the surface area, so that small pedals have a secure hold. No extra space is required on the pedalboard as merely the empty space beneath the side plugs is used. The effect device does not need to be modified for this, stomptrap simply but firmly clamps onto the sides. stomptrap can be screwed, glued onto the existing pedalboard with Velcro adhesives or used by itself with rubber feet (Velcro pads and rubber feet included in the delivery).


stomptrap can be combined with these current small effect devices (and many more):


• Ibanez

• Xotic
• Mooer
• Nux
• Toms Line
• TC Electronic
• Boutique (1590A Gehäuse)


Unbreakable • made of stainless steel • hand made in Germany.


*all prices are +Tax @19% (in EU countries) and shipping costs.

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