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Connector Box

Connector Box

Our MkIII ALL STEREO 6 channel Connector box is designed to be used with amps with or without effect loops, a signal flow between PRE FX and POST FX is maintained when the amp send jack is not in use (simply move your amp input cable (black) to amp return (red) to have all your FX in front).

This is just a suggestion, basically every jack is a simple connection from the inside to the outside and can be used for alternative purposes. For tables of all the permutations that we can think of go the IN/OUT page.

• Black - GUITAR IN (short circuited when not in use to avoid noise issues)

• Yellow - AMPLIFIER INPUT / PRE FX OUT (from booster, compressor or distortion etc.)

• Green - AMP SEND to POST FX IN (modulation delay, reverb etc.)

• Red - AMP RETURN MONO or from POST FX (modulation, delay, reverb etc.), AMP RETURN L when used in stereo 

• Blue - FOOTSWITCH 2 or AMP RETURN R when used in stereo

• Grey - FOOTSWITCH 1 - (from amp footswitch, up to 2 switches - use symmetric or stereo cable)

  • Info

    Either delivered fitted, or a very simple self installation job, supplied complete with fitting / operating instructions, screws.

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