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Taurus Stomp-Head 5

The Stomp-Head 5 is an ultra light, very compact floor amplifier with foot switches designed to be integrated into a pedal board and gives the guitarist immediate access to all the amp’s controls and options. Best of all only one speaker cable is needed to set up the guitar sound on stage. We guarantee that you will be the first one in your band ready to play!


The Stomp-Head 5's design is based on MTD (Master Tube Design) technology. This is Taurus's groundbreaking technology which allows them to create powerful guitar amplifiers in very compact shape. This technology uses all the significant features of tubes which determine the warm, classic sound of guitar amps, so what you get is a fully analog amplifier with extremely light weight, very compact dimensions and powerful sound. The sound characteristics and power of amplifiers based on the MTD technology are equal to the classic tube amps with the same power rating.


The Stomp-Head 5 features three channels: CLEAN, CLASSIC LEAD and HIGH GAIN LEAD, which are accessible by footswitches built into the amp’s chassis. Each channel represents different sound characteristics from a classic, clean jazzy sound through to modern DRIVE, up to heavy saturated HIGH GAIN like distortion.


Other than a regular three point EQ (BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE) each channel is equipped with MID/RANGE switches which are designed to change the range of the MIDDLE frequencies, this option is very useful for setting the guitar sound in a bands overall mix depending on the style of music being played and type of guitar used. Additionally the highest frequency range of the guitar can be altered by the BRIGHT/DARK switch.


The unit is equipped with a power selector that allows you to set 40 Watt or 90Watt and it is designed to work with 4, 8, and 16 ohm cabinets (the Power Amp auto adjusts to the speakers impedance). There is also a BOOST channel and MUTE switch.


The Stomp-Head can be used also as a guitar preamp without connecting the speaker cabinet. the LINE OUT with a speaker cabinet simulation allows the connection of the amplifier to a mixer or an external power amp and simulates the sound of a CELESTION Vintage 30 cabinet. There is also a SERIAL EFFECTS LOOP which works like a dream!

  • Info

    Our co-operation with Taurus Amps allows us to offer the Stomp-Head 5 at a very competitive price. Purchase the SH5 in combination with any of our board sizes and we will supply the customised decks at no extra charge.

    Of course if you already have an SH5 then we'll also be happy to supply you with a pedalboard, either way drop us a line from our "Contact" page and let us surprise you with an amazing deal !